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Historically accurate queue
by Madame Joan

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Historically accurate queue
by Madame Joan

String queue worn by soldiers in the late 17th & 18th century. Made of human hair about 3 to 4 inches wide, tied around the head with an attached string that was dyed to match the hair. They braided the queue, wrapped it with ribbon or tied it and let it "fly behind". You can put it in a bag or club it in a manner of fashionable ways to suit your persona. Comes in a variety of color, length and texture. Includes black ribbon or leather tie. Colors can be blended.

Small queue (shown) $26.00
Ear to ear queue        $44.00
Packaging & Shipping $5.75
(additional shipping charge for Canada)
A sample of hair from the back of
the head is required for color match
tape it to a white paper, leaving as much as possible exposed
------------------MEN'S WIGS -------------------
Styled Human Hair Wigs $500 
Styled Synthetic Wigs $150 
Packaging and shipping $20
(packaging and shipping $35 if Canada or west of the Mississippi)

White hair comes in synthetic only at this time. State the color that you want. If you want your natural color, send a lock of hair taped to a white scrap of paper with your check or money order and indicate the style wig that you want. For example, 1 or 2 side curls, how you want your queue clubbed -- folded, single or double braided, curl, or wrapped with ribbon). If you intend on wearing a hat, top curls or a pompadour on your wig are not recommended. You can contact me to discuss styles.

The City Tonsor Caricature by Mary Darly 1771

The City Tonsor is wearing a major bob and carrying on the stand a cadogan, a minor bob and physical tie

Ordering information is given below.  I invite you to enjoy my photo gallery which includes examples of my work as well as the antics of my fellows.
Without queue
With queue